Conservative Book Authors

Classic and Contemporary / Modern American Conservative Political Thought Leaders

American conservative authors have played a significant role in shaping the understanding of conservative principles in the United States, providing a rich tapestry of thought that has influenced the trajectory of American politics and society. From classic thinkers like Russell Kirk to contemporary voices like Ben Shapiro, the spectrum of conservative thought is broad and diverse, encompassing a range of ideas, critiques, and visions for the nation. We delve into classic and contemporary perspectives by exploring American conservative authors and their contributions. We examine the intellectual underpinnings of conservative Republican thought and the authors contributing to its evolution.
Classic Conservative Thought in the United States:

Russell Kirk (1918-1994) is often regarded as one of the founding intellectuals of the American conservative movement. His seminal work, “The Conservative Mind,” published in 1953, profoundly examined the roots and development of conservative thought in Western tradition. Kirk emphasized the significance of tradition, order, and preserving societal institutions as key pillars of conservative philosophy. He argued that the conservative mindset was shaped by a reverence for custom and a belief in transcendent truths that guided human conduct and society.

William F. Buckley Jr. (1925-2008) was another influential figure in developing American conservative thought. As the founder of the National Review magazine in 1955, Buckley became a prominent voice in the conservative movement, advocating for a fusion of traditionalist and libertarian principles. His erudite wit and eloquence helped popularize conservative ideas among a broader audience, shaping the movement during the latter half of the 20th century.
Contemporary American Conservative Political Authors:

Ben Shapiro, born in 1984, has emerged as a leading conservative voice in the digital age. Through his books and media presence, Shapiro has articulated a fusion of traditional conservatism and libertarianism, advocating for limited government, free markets, and a robust defense of individual rights. He has been known for his incisive debates on college campuses and his confrontational style in challenging left-leaning viewpoints. Shapiro’s emphasis on logical argumentation and intellectual rigor has made him popular among younger conservatives.

Dinesh D’Souza, born in 1961, has been a prominent figure in conservative circles, offering critical perspectives on contemporary issues from a conservative standpoint. D’Souza’s works often delve into conservatism’s historical and philosophical roots, examining the intersection of culture, politics, and morality. His writings and films have explored themes related to American exceptionalism, the impact of progressivism, and the role of traditional values in preserving the fabric of society. D’Souza’s ability to articulate complex ideas in a compelling and accessible manner has garnered him a dedicated following among conservative audiences.
Jonah Goldberg, born in 1969, has contributed extensively to conservative thought through his writings and commentary. Goldberg’s work often emphasizes the importance of classical liberal principles in the conservative tradition, advocating for a fusion of limited government, individual liberty, and respect for the rule of law. He has been a vocal critic of political correctness and identity politics, highlighting their potential to undermine the foundations of a free and pluralistic society. Goldberg’s nuanced analyses and thoughtful critiques have made him a respected figure within conservative intellectual circles.

Mark Levin, born in 1957, has made significant contributions to the conservative movement through his books, radio show, and legal scholarship. Levin’s emphasis on constitutional originalism and preserving the rule of law has been a cornerstone of his work. He has been a vocal advocate for limited government, individual sovereignty, and the protection of fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution. Levin’s legal background and deep understanding of constitutional principles have positioned him as a leading authority on the conservative interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.
George Will, born in 1941, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative columnist known for his incisive commentary on politics and culture. Will’s writings have often focused on the importance of individual autonomy, economic freedom, and preserving traditional American values. He has been a vocal advocate for free-market principles and a critic of excessive government intervention in the economy. Will’s eloquent prose and intellectual depth have solidified his position as a respected voice within the conservative intellectual tradition.

Charles Krauthammer (1950-2018) was a prominent conservative political commentator and psychiatrist known for his insightful analyses of American politics and foreign policy. Krauthammer’s writings often emphasized the importance of moral clarity and political realism in addressing domestic and international challenges. He was a proponent of a strong national defense and a critic of diplomatic appeasement, advocating for a principled and assertive American foreign policy. Krauthammer’s blend of intellectual rigor and pragmatic conservatism made him widely revered among conservatives and moderates.

David Horowitz, born in 1939, has been a notable figure in the conservative movement, known for his transition from a prominent left-wing activist to a staunch conservative advocate. Horowitz’s writings often center on critiquing leftist ideologies and their perceived impact on American culture and politics. He has been a vocal critic of political radicalism and the erosion of traditional values within academic institutions and mainstream media. Horowitz’s personal journey and intellectual transformation have provided a unique perspective on the ideological dynamics of the American political landscape.

Ann Coulter, born in 1961, has been a polarizing yet influential figure in contemporary conservative discourse. Coulter’s provocative commentary and sharp wit have made her a prominent voice in conservative media. Her writings often challenge progressive narratives and emphasize the importance of upholding conservative principles in the face of perceived liberal encroachment. Coulter has been a vocal advocate for immigration restriction and a multiculturalism critic, arguing for preserving America’s cultural and national identity. Her unapologetic style and confrontational approach have solidified her position as a controversial yet influential figure within conservative circles.

Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012) was a conservative publisher, commentator, and entrepreneur known for his efforts to challenge mainstream media narratives and promote alternative conservative voices. Breitbart’s online media ventures, including Breitbart News, aimed to provide a platform for conservative viewpoints often marginalized by traditional outlets. He was a vocal advocate for grassroots activism and the empowerment of citizen journalists in the digital age. Breitbart’s commitment to combating perceived media bias and promoting conservative voices in the public sphere has had a lasting impact on the conservative media landscape.
Born in 1930, Thomas Sowell was a distinguished economist and social theorist known for his conservative perspectives on race, economics, and public policy. Sowell’s scholarship has emphasized the importance of individual initiative, free markets, and the rule of law in fostering economic prosperity and social mobility. He has been a vocal critic of government interventions that stifle economic growth and inhibit individual liberty. Sowell’s rigorous empirical analyses and insightful commentaries have solidified his reputation as a leading conservative intellectual, shaping discussions on race, culture, and public policy issues.

Victor Davis Hanson, born in 1953, has made significant contributions to conservative thought through his writings on history, military strategy, and contemporary politics. Hanson’s work often parallels historical events and contemporary challenges, providing insights into the enduring patterns of human behavior and geopolitical dynamics. He has been a vocal advocate for a robust national defense and a critic of perceived cultural relativism and moral equivalence in international relations. Hanson’s interdisciplinary approach and historical depth have positioned him as a respected conservative foreign policy and strategic thinking authority.

Tucker Carlson, born in 1969, has become a prominent conservative commentator known for his incisive analysis of contemporary political and cultural issues. Carlson’s television program has provided a platform for challenging mainstream narratives and highlighting voices often overlooked by traditional media outlets. He has been a vocal critic of globalization and the perceived impact of multinational corporations on American society, advocating for policies prioritizing the working class’s interests. Carlson’s willingness to confront established norms and emphasis on issues affecting everyday Americans have solidified his position as a leading figure in the conservative media landscape.

Michelle Malkin, born in 1970, has been a vocal conservative commentator and author known for her staunch advocacy of immigration restriction and border security. Malkin’s writings and media appearances often emphasize the importance of national sovereignty and the enforcement of immigration laws to preserve the integrity of the American nation-state. She has criticized what she perceives as the detrimental effects of unchecked illegal immigration and has advocated for a more robust approach to border control. Malkin’s impassioned advocacy and unyielding commitment to conservative principles have garnered her a dedicated following among those who share her concerns about immigration and national security.

William F. Buckley Jr. (1925-2008), the founder of the National Review, remains a towering figure in the history of American conservative thought. Buckley’s erudite eloquence and his commitment to the fusion of traditionalist and libertarian principles helped shape the modern conservative movement. His advocacy for a robust national defense, free-market economics, and preserving Western cultural values has had a lasting impact on conservative intellectuals and policymakers. Buckley’s emphasis on the importance of intellectual rigor and civil discourse has left a lasting legacy, reminding conservatives of the significance of thoughtful debate and principled engagement in the public sphere.

Heather Mac Donald, born in 1956, has been a prominent conservative intellectual known for her writings on crime, policing, and education. Mac Donald’s scholarship often challenges prevailing narratives surrounding law enforcement and criminal justice, advocating for evidence-based approaches to address public safety and community well-being. She has been a vocal critic of the narrative surrounding systemic racism within law enforcement, offering data-driven analyses that challenge conventional wisdom. Mac Donald’s commitment to empirical research and emphasis on public safety have positioned her as a respected voice within conservative circles, contributing to discussions on criminal justice reform and social policy.

Laura Ingraham, born in 1963, has become a prominent conservative commentator known for her radio show and television program. Ingraham’s conservative perspectives often emphasize the importance of national sovereignty, economic nationalism, and the protection of American workers. She has been a vocal advocate for a more restrained approach to international interventionism and a critic of what she sees as the negative consequences of globalist policies. Ingraham’s emphasis on putting America’s interests first and her support for policies prioritizing American citizens’ well-being have resonated with audiences seeking a more nationalist approach to governance and foreign policy.

Michael Medved, born in 1948, is a well-known conservative author and radio host known for his insights into American politics, culture, and history. Medved’s work often emphasizes the importance of moral values, cultural preservation, and the role of faith in fostering a cohesive and prosperous society. He has been a vocal advocate for preserving traditional cultural norms and has critiqued what he sees as the erosion of moral standards in contemporary American society. Medved’s commitment to promoting cultural literacy and fostering a more values-based approach to public discourse has solidified his position as a respected voice within the conservative intellectual community.

Rich Lowry, born in 1968, has been a prominent conservative editor and author known for his work with the National Review. Lowry’s writings often focus on the intersection of politics and culture, emphasizing the importance of preserving America’s founding principles in the face of societal challenges. He has been a critic of what he sees as the excesses of progressivism and a proponent of a more restrained and pragmatic approach to governance. Lowry’s thoughtful analyses and his emphasis on the significance of preserving America’s cultural heritage have positioned him as a leading conservative voice, contributing to discussions on the future direction of the conservative movement in the United States.

Yuval Levin, born in 1977, has made significant contributions to conservative thought through his writings on public policy, institutions, and governance. Levin’s work often emphasizes the importance of revitalizing civic institutions and fostering a sense of communal responsibility in addressing societal challenges. He has been a vocal advocate for a more decentralized approach to governance and has critiqued the expansion of the administrative state as a threat to individual liberty and effective governance. Levin’s intellectual depth and emphasis on revitalizing civic engagement have positioned him as a leading authority on conservative public policy and institutional reform.

Peter Schweizer, born in 1964, is a prominent conservative author known for his investigative journalism and writings on political corruption and crony capitalism. Schweizer’s work often exposes the intersection of political power and financial interests, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in government. He has been a vocal critic of what he sees as the undue influence of special interests on policymaking. He has advocated for greater scrutiny of political elites and their financial dealings. Schweizer’s dedication to uncovering corruption and commitment to promoting ethical governance has solidified his position as a respected voice within the conservative movement, contributing to discussions on the importance of ethical leadership and political integrity.

Shelby Steele, born in 1946, has been a prominent conservative author and scholar known for his writings on race, identity, and American culture. Steele’s work often challenges prevailing narratives on race relations and advocates for a more individualistic approach to addressing issues of racial inequality. He has been a vocal critic of what he sees as the perpetuation of victimhood narratives and the detrimental effects of identity politics on American society. Steele’s emphasis on personal responsibility and his critique of racial essentialism have positioned him as a leading intellectual within the conservative movement, contributing to discussions on race, culture, and social policy in the United States.

Roger Scruton (1944-2020), the influential British conservative philosopher, also profoundly impacted American conservative thought. Scruton’s writings on aesthetics, culture, and the importance of tradition have resonated with American conservatives seeking to preserve Western tradition’s cultural heritage and societal values. His emphasis on cultivating a sense of belonging and communal identity has provided a philosophical foundation for conservative arguments against the erosion of cultural norms and the embrace of radical cultural relativism. Scruton’s commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage and his defense of Western civilization have had a lasting impact on the development of conservative thought in the United States.

Mona Charen, born in 1957, has been a prominent conservative columnist and author known for her incisive commentary on gender issues, family, and contemporary politics. Charen’s work often challenges feminist orthodoxies and critiques the impact of progressive gender ideologies on societal institutions. She has been a vocal advocate for the importance of family values and has highlighted the role of stable family structures in fostering social cohesion and individual well-being. Charen’s nuanced analyses and commitment to promoting a more balanced approach to gender relations have solidified her position as a respected voice within the conservative intellectual tradition, contributing to discussions on family policy and gender dynamics in modern society.

Robert P. George, born in 1955, is a prominent conservative philosopher and legal scholar known for his writings on natural law, ethics, and political theory. George’s work often emphasizes the importance of moral absolutes and the preservation of traditional values in informing public policy and legal interpretation. He has been a vocal advocate for a robust defense of religious freedom and has critiqued what he sees as the encroachment of secularism on the public square. George’s commitment to upholding the principles of natural law and his defense of the role of religious values in public life has solidified his position as a leading conservative intellectual, contributing to discussions on the intersection of ethics, law, and governance.

R. R. Reno, born in 1959, has been a prominent conservative theologian and editor known for his writings on religion, culture, and contemporary politics. Reno’s work often emphasizes the importance of religious faith and the role of religious institutions in fostering a moral and cohesive society. He has criticized what he sees as the secularization of public discourse and is a proponent of the importance of religious engagement in shaping societal values and norms. Reno’s emphasis on the significance of religious tradition and his critique of secular ideologies have positioned him as a leading intellectual within the conservative religious community, contributing to discussions on the role of faith in public life and the preservation of religious freedoms.

These authors, among others, have contributed to the rich tapestry of conservative thought in the United States, shaping the intellectual landscape of conservative Republican principles and values. Their writings have inspired generations of conservatives, fostering a deeper understanding of the foundations of American conservatism and its relevance in contemporary political discourse.

Conservative thought in the United States continues to evolve, adapting to the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world. The authors mentioned above have contributed to this ongoing conversation, offering insights, critiques, and visions for a conservative America that upholds the principles of individual liberty, limited government, traditional values, and the rule of law. Their works have not only shaped the understanding of conservative principles but have also provided a framework for addressing the nation’s pressing issues, including questions of governance, culture, immigration, national security, and the role of the United States in the global arena.
Through their intellectual rigor, critical analyses, and passionate advocacy, these conservative authors have left a lasting imprint on the American political landscape, influencing public discourse and policy debates at local, national, and international levels. Their contributions have enriched the conservative tradition and engendered a deeper appreciation for the enduring principles underpinning the American experiment, fostering a renewed commitment to preserving the values that have defined the nation since its founding.

As the United States continues to grapple with complex challenges and opportunities in the 21st century, the insights and perspectives offered by these conservative authors will undoubtedly continue to shape the discourse and inform the trajectory of conservative Republican thought in the years to come. By engaging with their works and ideas, Americans can gain a deeper appreciation for the enduring relevance of conservative principles and their potential to guide the nation toward a more prosperous, secure, and principled future.

All Books Written by American Conservative Author Ben Shapiro

  • Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth. WND Books (2004). ISBN 0-78526148-6.
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All Books Written by American Conservative Author Dinesh D’Souza

Year Title Notes
1984 Falwell, Before the Millennium: A Critical Biography Regnery Publishing (ISBN 0-89526-607-5)
1986 The Catholic Classics (ISBN 0-87973-545-7)
1987 My Dear Alex: Letters From The KGB (with Gregory Fossedal) Regnery Publishing (ISBN 0-89526-576-1)
1991 Illiberal education: The politics of race and sex on campus (ISBN 0-684-86384-7)
1995 The End of Racism (ISBN 0-684-82524-4)
1997 Ronald Reagan: How An Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader (ISBN 0-684-84823-6)
2000 The Virtue of Prosperity (ISBN 0-684-86815-6)
2002 What’s So Great About America Regnery Publishing (ISBN 0-89526-153-7)
2002 Letters to a Young Conservative (ISBN 0-465-01734-7)
2007 The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11 (ISBN 0-385-51012-8)
2007 What’s So Great About Christianity Regnery Publishing (ISBN 1-59698-517-8)
2008 Foreword to Conspiracies and the Cross by Timothy Paul Jones Frontline Books (ISBN 1-59979-205-2)
2009 Life After Death: The Evidence (ISBN 978-1-59698-099-0)
2010 The Roots of Obama’s Rage Regnery Publishing (ISBN 978-1-59698-625-1)
2012 Godforsaken: Bad things happen. Is there a God who cares? YES. Here’s proof Tyndale House (ISBN 978-1-4143-2485-2)
2012 Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream Regnery Publishing (ISBN 1-59698-778-2)
2014 America: Imagine a World without Her Regnery Publishing (ISBN 978-1-62157-203-9)
2015 What’s So Great About America Regnery Publishing (ISBN 1-62157-402-4)
2015 Stealing America: What My Experience with Criminal Gangs Taught Me
about Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party
Broadside Books (ISBN 978-0-06-236671-9)
2017 The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left Regnery Publishing (ISBN 978-1-62157-348-7)
2018 Death of a Nation: Plantation Politics and the Making of the Democratic Party All Points Books (ISBN 978-1-250-16377-6)
2020 United States of Socialism: Who’s Behind It. Why It’s Evil. How to Stop It. All Points Books (ISBN 978-1-250-16378-3)
2022 Freedom Day the Asher Way Brave Books (ISBN 978-1-955550-14-7)


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Originally published in Ramparts as “Billion a Dollar Brains” (May 1969) and “Sinews of Empire” (August 1969).
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