Why Conservatives Should Read “The Democrat Party Hates America” by Mark Levin

From the Seven-time #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Radio Host, and Fox News Star

The current state of the Democratic Party has strayed far from its original intent, which was to represent the common people. The term “Democratic” finds its roots in the mid-16th century, originating from the French word “democratique,” which was adopted through medieval Latin from the Greek term “demokratikos,” derived from “demokratia.”

The Democratic Party is Lost

Regrettably, contemporary leftists appear to have lost sight of this fundamental principle, showing little regard for the welfare of ordinary citizens and, instead, exploiting and subjugating them.

Throughout its history, the Democratic Party has been associated with policies such as slavery and Jim Crow and has, at times, opposed universal suffrage. Today, it is primarily concerned with advancing the interests of its core members while deceiving the broader population. This approach poses a significant threat to the well-being of the American populace, constituting a toxic form of liberalism.

The Radically Dangerous Democrat Agenda Upending American Life

Among the issues raised in this text are the contentious subjects of abortion, high levels of taxation, government-sanctioned surveillance without warrants, and the challenge of illegal immigration. The assertion is that adhering to liberal ideologies may be viewed as an involvement in wrongdoing, or at the very least, condoning it.

President Biden, often depicted as a frail figure, is subjected to substantial criticism by Mark Levin, which is warranted. Mark Levin spends a portion of the book dedicated to left-wing historians advising the ostensibly “moderate” candidate Joe Biden to pursue an ambitious agenda during his presidency.

The Republican Party is the True Party of Intellectuals

Mark argues that conservatives are the genuine intellectuals, focusing on expanding individual freedoms, in contrast to liberals, who are seen as primarily interested in exerting control over people. This ideological shift is characterized as the replacement of individualism with collectivism, which, according to the author, signifies an attempt to reshape human nature.

In conclusion, this book, titled “The Democrat Party Hates America,” is highly recommended for readers interested in exploring these political viewpoints. It serves as a call to action for Americans with strong faith in God to awaken from their complacency and consign liberals to the annals of history. It is not merely a book to read but also to reference and cite. If these ideas resonate with you, the text encourages a swift visit to your local bookstore to acquire this thought-provoking book.

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